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Post Natal Care


The moment is here: You are a mother. There is a tiny human being in your arms who wants to be with you constantly, drinks milk with you and needs all of your love and attention. 


Your body still feels raw and vulnerable so short after birthing your baby and that feeling might stay for a while even though it will get less with time. Your hormones are having a party and are making sure that you can build a safe and loving attachment with your baby.  It can all be a bit overwhelming at times and all different kinds of emotions come up during this period.You might feel like you are on cloud nine, or you might really need some time to get used to the new situation and the little human you birthed. The dynamic between you and your partner changes, evolves, all the while you are still processing everything.  All the above and more is possible, there is no such thing as 'normal'. Bringing a child into this world is just really intense and beautiful. 

When you are getting used to all this, you need all your strength and energy. And you JUST had a baby! A lot is being asked of you physically and emotionally.




Although the motheris my priority after the birth, I find the partner very important too! I always make spaceand time for him/her if so desired, to make sure they too can share how they are experiencing parenthood. It is important that you both find your own way at your own pace and that you have the best possible start in parenting with the added side-effect of strengthening your relationship. I am here to listen and be present. 

In addition to the standard sessions in your chosen package, I am happy to provide service for a longer period of time if some more support is needed. You can find my hourly rate here. Please know there is always room to talk about the costs, depending on your wishes. I try to provide service to everyone, even with less money to spare.

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As a DOULA I will come for a visit at least twice after your baby is born. We can talk, or not at all depending o what you like.  I can massage your feet, cook some nourishing food, help you figure out a babywrap, take over the little one so you can take a long shower.... Whatever suits you and makes you comfortable. It is important to me that you feel safe to share your emotions with me, to let it all out, to tell your story as often as you need to and that for a moment, someone takes care of YOU.

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