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As a doula, I will guide you and your partner in the process before, during and after the birth of your baby. I will be there to discuss your wishes, needs, thoughts, and feelings. I will support you at all times in your decisions and will bring my knowledge and experience to the table and support you in a way that feels good to you.


You can expect emotional support (coaching, bodywork), physical support (massage, acupressure, use of organic oils, rebozo work, help you find comfortable positions, giving counterpressure on your back during contractions, etc.) and practical support (getting things ready, holding space, providing nourishing food and fluids, communication with other caregivers, etc.)


According to your specific needs, I will provide information, (non-medical) advice and support like reading material, resources and referring you to others in my network when indicated. 


What will this process look like?


First, we will plan a (free of charge) intake. If you feel a connection with me, a minimum of 2 prenatal sessions will follow before the birth, of which one I would like to meet your care provider.  We will discuss all your needs and wishes and build a relationship of trust. 


During the birth of your baby, I will arrive at your request and will stay until 2/3 hours after the birth of your baby. In the weeks after birth, I will come by 2 more times or more to support you in whatever way you need at that time.


All the above is just to give you an idea of the process and scope of things, we will look at your individual needs and plan accordingly, deviate from them if needed.


Would you like to read more about my services and the birth packages I offer? Read more here.



   What I offer:


  • down to earth support

  • lots of tips and reading material

  • the use of my network

  • collaboration with your partner, so they can focus on you.

  • collaboration with your care provider

  • When concerning your rights as a laboring woman; I will be your lioness

  • guidance with writing a birth plan


  • professional coaching with the use of:

  • my background as a psychologist

  • guided meditation

  • visualizations

  • mindfulness

  • bodywork/physical exercises


  • massage

  • herbal wraps

  • acupressure

  • nourishing food 

  • birth rituals





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